Meet Joanna, Phoebe and Kathy

Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement practitioners

You can learn more about our individual practices at each link below. Or email all three of us using the Contact Us button.


Joanna Cutler

My perspective as a practitioner comes from my own search for relief from back pain. When I was 20 years old I felt like I was 80. After years of chronic pain, trying every mode of therapy and eventual surgery, I discovered this work. It helped me recover not only from surgery but also from postural habits formed over years of chronic pain. I work with adults as well as kids. And I'm a walking testimonial that you don't have to accept the usual prognosis of loss of flexibility and coordination with age. There is a better way!


Phoebe MacRae

My interest in the wonders of the human brain led me to discover the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®. Witnessing the incredible outcomes of the Method inspired me to fully complete the Basic and Mastery ABM training and to fulfill my desire to be in the healing arts. I love giving private lessons to children and adults and have led many successful multi-day workshops. Hailing from Victoria BC and now based in Portland OR, I have three busy kids and have spent my whole life studying and making music. I am a traveling practitioner, traveling to British Columbia and eastern Washington state.

Move Better, Feel Better!

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Kathy Shean-Jones

I "stumbled" upon ABM while researching a career change...and never looked back!  My 10+ years of elementary and preschool teaching inform the NeuroMovement® work I do with children and families. I find inspiration from the kids and adults on my table, as well as the amazing families they bring with them! As the mother to three amazing daughters, I also love how this work influences my parenting. My office is in SE Portland, and I regularly travel to Eugene and Newport, OR.         I love this work!