One valuable piece to our Super Intensives is how we come together as parents, caregivers, children (including siblings sometimes), and professionals. I love that moment we we open the door to begin lessons and see a lovely group of people ready to enter our learning space. 

Become an ABM Practitioner!

Anat Baniel Training

If you've ever been curious about becoming an ABM Practitioner yourself, the next opportunity to join a training training begins September 2019 in Henderson, Nevada. Mark your calendars for September, and stay tuned for one or two day workshops throughout the country in advance of the training. Workshops are a great way to get a taste of the training prior to signing up. 

I think I can safely speak for Kathy and Phoebe as well when I say that we cannot imagine not having done the training. People from all walks of life join the training, including parents of special needs kids. It is life changing for yourself as well as the many lives you'll impact positively as a practitioner. We look forward to having you as a potential colleague!


Who needs a nap?

Who needs a nap?

“We are instructed to do specific simple movements using the 9 NeuroMovement® Essentials. We move slowly and gently, paying attention to what we feel. After a number of minutes exploring the movements we pause and rest. Though it looks like we aren't doing much this is extremely tiring work. Brain work can be exhausting!

It's Alive!

When we were planning our last Super Intensive parent education curriculum,  we decided to bring Kids Beyond Limits to life. It was an incredible reminder for both us as practitioners and the parents we were working with, of this invaluable tool for connection and learning. One of the questions most often asked when we encounter families new to NeuroMovement® is:

"What can I do at home?" 

Super Intensives are... SUPER!! part 2

The parent education portion of the ABMNW Super Intensive structure is potentially the most transformational part for the whole family. Many families have read Anat Baniel's book Kids Beyond Limits (even multiple times!) but have never had the opportunity to feel the power of NeuroMovement® and to understand it in themselves. Understanding it in yourself is key to using it at home.