Words we should all know well.

Our society and infrastructure is designed to work for the bodies and brains of people who are Neurotypical. What this means is that many people manage their daily life with the help of accommodations. Problematically these accommodations may or may not be there when needed (ramps on/off of sidewalks, accessible access to older buildings, elevators, braille - to name a few). As a Neurotypical person I sure started to become hyper-aware of my need for accommodations -and accessibility- when wielding a baby stroller. This was just a small taste of the barriers faced by our neurologically atypical fellow citizens.

Here’s a poster explaining, through a simple metaphor, some words around inclusion of all people. We all need to understand these words and their implications. What if all the systemic barriers in our society were removed so that all people could participate without accommodations? And wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew these definitions of these words.

Equality, Equity, Justice meme.jpg

[image descriptions- Poster shows three panels. First panel “Equality” shows 3 figures of different heights (Tall, Medium, Short) standing behind a solid fence outside a soccer game- only 2 of the people can see over the fence to see the game. Second panel “Equity” shows the same 3 figures, two of them have blocks under their feet to raise them up so that the height of the heads of all three people are at the same level and they can all see the game. Third panel “Justice” shows same 3 figures standing behind a chain fence and all people can see the game with no accommodations]

[The history of this poster (which I had found with no attribution) is quite interesting and can be found here]

Phoebe MacRae - for ABM Northwest