Three for Three Intensives

Potent learning. Easy scheduling. one location. Transformation

The Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® utilizes movement (the language of the brain) and is an holistic alternative to physical, occupational and speech therapy.

The Three for Three is an opportunity for families to easily schedule a NeuroMovement® Intensive lesson series within a short amount of time.

Children will receive three lessons per day for three days from Two NeuroMovement® practitioners.

Our 2019 dates are set!

Fill out our registration form for one, two… or all four Three for Three Intensives. When you register for all 4 Three for Three intensives you receive a BONUS GIFT…. FOUR Private Lessons for a Parent/Caregiver.


Why a Three for Three?

In our experience we have found that there is incredible benefit for children to work with multiple practitioners over a short period of time. 

Your Child benefits from the close collaboration between these experienced practitioners. 

It's an all-in-one-room profound experience. Parents and kids are allowed a unique opportunity to see other kids' process.

How to participate?

Your child comes rested, fed, bring a change of clothes and a snack. While the experience is all in one room, we do have accommodations if a child needs a private space for their lesson.

  • Lessons are between 9:30 and 3:30 each day

  • Your child receives 3 movement lessons each day

  • Total cost: $720

  • Payment plan options available



2019 Three for three dates:

January 23-25

May 1-3

July 24-26

October 23-25

Register today

Simply click the button below to register for one… or all four of the Three for Three Intensives. We will accept the first 6 families registered with a deposit. After that, we will create a wait list based on registration date.

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